Welcome to IACS - Internal Audit & Control Solutions.

The major function of this site is to serve as a support site in Hebrew for users of CaseWare-IDEA software, in Israel. Supported customers are entitled to download tips, scripts, custom functions and mini case studies for self learning, presented previously at various venues.

Another function of the site, serving as Israel's sole source distributor of CaseWare-IDEA, CaseWare-Monitor and SmartExporter line of products, is to make public the unique features of IDEA & SmartExporter. IACS is also the sole authorized source of IDEA training for all levels: beginners, advanced users & IDEAScript.

IDEA Software has many unique features and functions not found in other audit software:

  • Creates a record of all changes made to a file (database) and maintains an audit trail or log of all operations, including the import and every audit test, carried out on the database.
  • Each entry is tagged with the user ID from the Windows login.
  • Allows you to import and export data into a multitude of formats, including formats for large mainframe computers and accounting software.
  • Can read and process files up to 2 TB (In IDEAServer up to 1.8 EB ) containing millions of records, in seconds. There is no practical limit to the number of records that IDEA can process.
  • Compares, joins, appends, and connects different files from different sources.
  • Extracts specific transactions, identifies gaps (for example, in a check number sequence), or duplicates.
  • Profiles data by summarizing, stratifying, or aging the files
  • Creates useful file statistics automatically.
  • Displays the data and your results graphically.
  • Creates samples using several different sampling methods.

For more information about IDEA's unique capabilities,  press here to download a short presentation : Major capabilities of IDEA

IACS is a boutique enterprise focusing exclusively on tailoring Audit & Control solutions for each client. Through experience, hard labor, will & creativity we deliver more value to the customer.
IACS has gained leading Israeli industrial, high tech, finance companies, municipalities and NGO organizations as clients. Our forte can be summed up in one simple phrase: “lean and agile”.

Our Proffessional services include:

  • Development of automatic control reports - embedded continuous monitoring
  • Review & implementation of IT controls and audit as required by regulation
  • Assistance to Internal Audit departments in carrying out audits


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